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Add voice to your software

Despite the fact that every day more and more voice messengers appear in the market, every human being on the planet still has a phone. Every business still has a very important channel of communications - voice calls over public switched telephone networks. And those calls must be managed and of high quality.

Asterisk based software development

Asterisk is the most popular and actively growing open source communication platform for audio and video communications. It is the heart of many state-of-the-art voice applications and services. We love Asterisk and know how to use it so that your employees enjoy their phones.

Asterisk based software solutions we offer

  • Asterisk and CRM integration. Track voice communications, get access to call recordings from CRM interface, increase customer relations productivity and transparency.
  • Asterisk based gateways to other communication medias. One click call from your web site to your remote manager mobile.
  • We develop custom SIP or WebRTC based features for your existing applications. Why bother using a separate device when you can keep all your communications in your business app?
  • Custom call-center solutions. We develop the unique solution for your business that really fits your needs.
  • Voice applications and processing. 21st century demands voice recognition and smart IVR menu, personally adapted for each of your customers.

Custom VoIP hardware solutions

We know hardware no worse than software

Some of our customers have very specific requirements. Sometimes only custom hardware solution can meet their requirements.

These are the few of the options we offer:

  • Low cost Linux based VoIP appliances.
  • Custom industrial VoIP systems
  • DSP systems
  • GSM-VoIP, PSTN-VoIP hardware development and customization

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