Ready solutions

Do not reinvent the wheel

A typical task - a typical solution, proven, tested and improved by hundreds of developers. Right now you save time and already in the nearest future you save a lot of resources needed to support your product. We always have the right tools at your fingertips for each occasion.

Content management systems: Keystone, Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. From custom templates to full-featured multisite installations.

E-commerce: Magento, OpenCart and our own home-brewed e-commerce framework that will amaze you with its flexibility.

E-learning: Moodle, the most comprehensive open-source education platform. By the way, one of the Moodle installations we support, has more than 150 thousand active users.

Voice and video communications: Asterisk and FreeSwitch. Each has its own pros and cons of their own. But we know how to cook them deliciously.

Support and maintenance packages

We offer ready-made sets of services for your product. Do not want to spend time and money on the maintenance of your own development team and technical support? Just contact us!

We offer you the most efficient set of support and mainenance options for your product. Tailored support schedule, number of specialists involved, their skills, availability and meamns of communication. You will get what you need.

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