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Zeppelinen Development and Operations Support is a provider of comprehensive software development services to companies ranging from telecom, e-commerce to fintech and high-tech smart products.

Being a software developer first of all, Zeppelinen DevOps offers other cooperation models: consultancy, project management, our software development center resources and other options that may be most suitable for your needs.

We carefully pick hires in Russia and other EE countries and put our hearts in our development centers.

Our experience is extensive - embedded software and hardware design, high performance data-processing for energy grids, fintech solutions, custom ERP development, mobile and desktop applications and comprehensive software solutions. We accomplish our customers goals in the most efficient way.


  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS X, FreeRTOS, embedded
  • Development Languages: C, C++, Java, PHP, Scala, Ruby, GoLang, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin and many more
  • Database engines: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, etc.
  • Application servers: JBoss, Weblogic, Tomcat, IIS, Unicorn, WildFly, WebSphere, etc.
  • Embedded hardware platforms: ARM (ARM9, Cortex), x86, ESP32, Altera Cyclon, etc.
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