User interfaces and design

User Experience

You have seconds to make a good impression on your first users.

Your users have years to get tired of your product interface.

The key to a successful project is hidden in understanding and tracking user behaviour. You must continuously analyse behaviour, attitude, interests and habits of your visitors. We can give you the right tools for that.


  • 1. Acquaintance. We want to know you. You and your product.
  • 2. Vision. Motivation and inspiration for your product.
  • 3. Analysis. Time for our BAs to ask their inconvenient and strange questions.
  • 4. Scope. Project goals and objectives, milestones and KPI.
  • 5. Project start. Your team is assembled, it's time to put things in motion.
  • 6. Wireframes and moqups. We define and elaborate visual architecture, clarify features visibility and highlight usability requirements.
  • 7. Complete design. That's it! Let's design something else.
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