Middle.io: e-commerce MVP

Middle.io is a whole new view of e-commerce. In contrast to the classic buyer-oriented approach, middle.io focuses on the seller, who can create his own shop in seconds and instantly fill it with goods.




Intuitively simple, fast and scalable e-commerce platform that let you register and start your own store in 30 seconds.


In the course of development, an intuitive set of interface elements was developed to facilitate the registration of the user.

Our team has introduced a number of solutions to facilitate the filling of all forms. Integration of the main social network APIs, minimises manual input from the user, and allows you to launch your own private e-commerce in just few clicks.

Considering scalability requirements we heavily used Amazon AWS services, more than 10 of them, thus completely eliminating possible performance bottlenecks and achieving extensive horizontal and vertical scaling. 


Public launch in June 2017


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