carsharing is the first carsharing company in Latvia. It provides simple and compfortable transport solution with simple registration and friendly tariffs. Zeppelinen built the whole carsharing renting system required for the project.

There is a tendency in the world when large numbers of people abandon the idea of acquiring a personal car or sell their own cars after registration in a car sharing system. CarGuru can get the answer to the question why by connecting to the CarGuru system.

Eventually, CARGURU is something more than just car rental. This is a fundamentally new perspective on mobility and an alternative to private transport.


Research and development of all-inclusive carsharing management system, full set of applications, services and hardware required for carsharing.
As a special requirement Zeppelinen solution was to support wide range of car models, so that car fleet can be easily extended with new or legacy models.


Our team successfully developed from scratch carsharing server, client and management stack, successfully reverse engineered car management device protocol and built custom server for that.

Microservice architecture used for the project allows us to provide easy continuous integration without any service interruptions or maintenance pauses visible to end users.


  • Backoffice management application
  • UI and UX
  • Android and Mobile applications
  • Car management services
  • Billing and payment processing services 


In production. Average user feedback - 4.78 out of 5.

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