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We are young and agile software agency.

For 2 years since the foundation we grew non-stop. Now we have more than 40 people in our team - developers, engineers and designers dedicated to their craft of choice. Our team always evolve, embracing new technologies and new products, new people and new ideas. In our work we carefully analyse each project before launch and no less carefully analyse it after the completion.

We are good at new solutions and we can always find one. Even where the others can’t.

The key to our company success is based on our long-term relationships with our customers and partners. We practice a highly collaborative development style. We stick to project transparency and deep involvement of the customer in the team work. We put our hearts and souls into our customers and they reciprocate.

Our team is built on two passions - a passion to grow and a passion to make this world a better place with better software.

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